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The Samnites
The Romans
The Normans
Historical chronology
The Charter of Carlo II d’Angiò
The Census of 1532
The appraisal of Morrone of 1593
Historical Events
1614 visit of Monsigor Eustacchio
1734 visit of Monsignor Tria
Luigi Cinelli
Parochial Archive
Weights and Measures
Markets and Fairs
The Feast of San Giuseppe
The Territory
Migratory route for herds
Surnames and Nicknames
Vanished surnames
Experts and Masters from Morrone
Famous People
Santa Maria in Casalpiano
Franco Valente: Casalpiano
The Toponymy of Morrone

Rural Life
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Morrone seen from:
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I Miaban
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The Molise territory
Molise in the norman period
The road system
Pre-norman fortifications and settlements
Urban development: the church and the castle
Relations with the Church
Architecture in norman times
Fortifications and castles
Molise at the time of the crusades
Molise and the Adriatic
The fortifications today

The South and the Unification of Italy


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I Sanniti
I Romani
I Normanni
Cronologia storica
1303 Carlo II D'Angiò
I censimenti dal 1532
L'apprezzo del 1593
1614 Mons. Eustacchio
1734 Mons. Tria
Inchiesta Murattiana
Archivio parrocchiale
I costumi
Le tradizioni
I pesi e le misure
I mercati e le fiere
La festa di San Giuseppe
Il territorio
Il tratturo
I cognomi e i soprannomi
I cognomi scomparsi
I maestri
Le persone famose
S. Maria in Casalpiano

Cli scavi di Casalpiano
Franco Valente spiega Caslpiano
Franco Valente: Casalpiano
Franco Valente: Araldica
La chiesa Madre
I Feudatari di Morrone
Toponimo di Morrone
L'Italia Meridionale
Vita rurale.
Quattro passi per Morrone
Panoramiche grandangolo
Antiche preghiere
Ricettario morronese
Cartoline da Morrone
I portali e lavori in pietra
Vecchi oggetti morronesi
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Morrone visto da:
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Il terremoto a Morrone
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I Miaban
Il Giornale di Morrone



Il territorio del Molise
L'epoca Normanna
Le vie di comunicazione
Fortificazioni e insediamenti prenormanni
Sviluppo urbano: la chiesa
e il castello
I rapporti con la Chiesa
L'architettura Normanna
Opere fortificate e castelli
Il Molise e le crociate
Il Molise e l'Adriatico
Le opere fortificate oggi






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Il comune informa
The town hall informs

Notizie da Morrone. A cura di: Mariassunta Faccone & Valentina Saltarelli

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History of Morrone del Sannio. TEMPORARY TRANSLATION
Luigi Cinelli.

English version by Jason
Italian  version


n the middle almost to a comprensorio of nine in ten miglia of circumference, of a slow ground sensitively inclined, and wet from a wide one from a perpetual river, and in two other from as much torrents that alone nelli months of està (summer) dry lascian the foot to the vagrant, it is raised a Mountain in the of whom back lies Morrone. My Homeland situated; mountain of a better one and means of periphery (perimeter) and about better means of height in its West: what height a lot to the right, as for political left goes gradually diminishing itself until to do in its crinale an inclination, ove presents a mediocre entry to the Country, distinguishing itself in all the remainder precipice, and precipice.

This other Mountain is not that a heap of stone almost continuous calcarea, ricoverto ove more, ove except for of little land vegetabile, in fuora of its layers, ove sandy land of layers veggonsi, argillosa and mixed in the base of the reported Mountain gush from you are perpetual fountains waters, that serve not only to the ordinary drink, but but to all the other usi of the economical life of the intiera

With these waters, having the soprapposta Mountain for lor comun tank, and having to to its of inside scorrer pria of to go put down itself in the lor container not posson do not to soak itself of heterogeneous a lot of parts that the istesso ground, ove you are spent, is presented and to hold itself in same solution necks, therefore is, that although clear and clear itself veggiono analyzed for means of the carbonato fluid ammoniacale,Calcarea and argillosa. From all questo clear rilevasi, that aforementioned waters for the use of the life animal I is not too voucher, although the necessity I obligate us to the possonsi for other to give back better, if ever itself facessero run inside tubes from their sorgive, until the sources lor containers.


Food of name Col I understand whatever food a lot in solid shape, that fluid, introduced for the road of the mouth to serve of maintenance to the human car. It and therefore of the saying importance. These you feed they consist ordinary in the bread, in the meats, in the legumi and final version of it'vegetabile cice the solid. The water, and the wine form the fluids.


The bread soles to do of grain, and of frumentone, or is granodindia. The first one, without to enter in a minute detail, if is been of a sola nature in the start, and that so you know born variety they be from the different manner held from the man in the to sow it, of to cultivate it: and without to take itself the trouble dì to describe, all its species, in order to be not prolix without necessity; I restrict me alone to make mensione of that grain, of whom soles to do

The grain ours other I am hard like the SARRAOLLA, the CALABRESE and the TURCHESE; other is white, like the CAROSELLA and the CICCARELLO; since of the Risciola of the Maiorica, SERGENTINA, Romanella, CIGNARELLA or nothing, or little use soles to do THE istesso I say some segale that between them cried farinacee annoverasi.

Qualunquo is the grain for good esser to use of bread, is necessary that is hard, pesanto, quite nourished and smooth in its exterior But itself soles always to have the stocked grain of such property? How many times the bad season ce does to collect it unripe and the fog navies ce give back it carbonato? 0 pleased to the Sky that to much ba did not add themselves also those of the bad faith says'Vendors! But all they do bread of grain? The destitute class that forms it saying leaves some Population is compelled to feed itself of bread of frumentone. Questo bread, beyond the mentovati drawbacks of the grain sole to do without yeast, to have the poor people, not a more nutritious food but one, that make greater weight in its stomach; do not being able always to its talent satisfy the hunger. Of onde questo is born? It is born because the lands ungrateful mostransi to the fatighe says'workers and that little of grain that if of it ritraghe, it is employed to pay the hung (the taxes) to the ground annexed; staying to the country the only frumentone, that not always and sufficing at its maintenance, and to that of the family, to come the more of the times meager its harvest.


The meat for good esser, does of uopo, that is of animals quite grazed, and butchered; Bad being that of dead animals or left to gain weight of immondezze. The meat eaten in quantity soles produce says'"bad effects" like Bad effects soles cagionare its total scarcity The price of the pork and of carlini two, of grain eighteen of steer, of capretto and of lamb.


The most used I am the honeycomb, so increases that stalk, the bean, the czech and the cicerchia. These legumi imbandiscono almost always the tables says'our Citizens.


The soups that from these sogliamo we extracting, I am the cabbage, and different its species, the endivia, the aglio, the bieto, the lettuce the turnip, the mustard, the pomidoro, saddle and the onions but not always we can have them for the snows that in time of winter hold you our gardens.


Although the oil does not be a food, is condimento however of the food. Other oil we do not know that that of the olive tree. All the other plants to oil they are unknown to our peasants, for that esser I retract from the sufficient olive tree to the needs of the animal life sola. The oil has been of good quality, if not the olives in improper time collected themselves and if itself facesse to squeeze from the trappeti and do not from the foot of the man inside bags of wool giusta the ancient custom.


The fluid food they are the water and the wine, of the water if spoken of it. The wine is sufficing, but not all have their vineyard; the poor people is compelled to enjoy it of sparse. Our wines generally they are good, but could improve themselves first with the choice of the grapes; second, col do that the must itself svini immediately after the first fermentation and itself racchiuda inside bangs separated. Third vision for means dell'enometro if in qualduno the integral parts they be in the giusta proportion to correct the lack. Assigned every man to the country has needed of rolls two of bread (about 2 kg.) and caraffe three of wine (about 2 L) and two soups, an of vegetabili and the other of legumi for the three times that suol sit to table the day. The cost of the bread and of a carlo of nine grain that of the wine and grain five the two soups its condimento. In a grain twenty four is the spesata of a day If it is added two times a lot for the wife and three sons will be had the total of the consumption for an intiera Family Questo is the ordinary. In the times penuziosi (of scarcity) have seen the poor to feed itself of acorns, and flesh of olive tree squeezed and alone bevere water in order to be not you publish us establishments of onde pull their food.


The clothing would have to be relevant to the climates, and to the seasons, of it questo itself suol do from a father that just satisfied its Family of frumentone, and of erbe? A wretched giubbone, as well as a coarse wool of cloth of gonnella wretched, done with the actual hands, ricovrono the lor nakedness, because a simple shirt of country tela suol to cover those of poor boys.


Every individual lives in house a lot take it to rent, every house é built of strong stone, that the ground administers us istesso. The seconds (those in lease) for minorare (to save) the expenditure, soglionsi satisfy of a narrow sottano (ground floor) ove above the nude land son compelled to withdraw itself with l'intiera family, and to warm up itself in an angle except for exhibited to the cold one, ove sogliono to have the fireplace, with little branches and roots of oak, that a lot the father, that the mother, after of to have all the last day in aI put on for so to avoid the cold one of that evening.


The situation of the Country does to enjoy more immediately good air than bad The stalk alevatezza of the mountain does to avoid us the gas actual nitrogeno of the valleys, like the hydrogen of the highs you ascend THE accounts to the alone one continually contributes not little to the istesso purpose. But it have it very narrow houses for the number of the inhabitants and of the country Family, like also be it in slow ground it is given back the very unhealthy air. To these causes if they add of it of the very other: How to have a Church, ove the barbaric custom reigns nevertheless of to bury the bodies; a Cemetery in the middle all'inhabited the very tight roads, and all immonde; the slaughters inside all'istesso country, and close letamai do loser all of the benefit of the situation.


The dogs, although ce be of it a lot up to now little if are seen of it angry, and just someone givened small evidence of tal disease, has had always the care of to kill it. The place does not allow animals from I pull. The little than there are, I am from soma. All of the remainder it is lacking.


There are five medical, and two surgeons, two speziali (farmacisti) obstetricians and salassatori (barber). They do all their one to have to? To me it does not agree of indicarlo, itself in order to do not have much lights, also to be exercised go i l'istess'art. Itself all assoggettino to a public examination, and then will be seen who can exercise with decorum the medical art. The employees to the recovery come contacted from the Details (those of the place). The poor live at the descrezione of the case.


True illnesses endemiche (of the local population) here not ce I am: being born this from all causes details and actual of the ground, to you to be awakened have to be all different and distinguished from the other If too do not vogliasi facendosi an abuse of the name call that endemica disposition reumatica to which all subjects go our workers of country gives birth some position of the Country, which havingLow and distant from the inhabited, in the itself the evening at home, not cannot contract reumi.

True illnesses of change here should not reign us If ever these weigh down alone in unhealthy places of air for the stagnant aque, is not yourselves itself made places in all our territory. But since a rotten stabulante in the intestine is able at the times for the long residence contract tal I accept of spite, that ammezza in short time the ill with all of the mark of a febre of change, from this do not go exempt the poor country which in the months specially of autumn, after the first waters falls, compelled come to look at their you have to sleep in the country the nights. The remedies found useful in like illnesses they are the oppiati, the ethers, the warm baths aromatici and finally the china.

Of the vacinazioni here not if it speaks of it not even. Little well-to-do of it made han use with success, but the People attached to the ancient prejudices does not want to undergo the benefits of a tal method and secondare the aims of the provvido I Govern, satisfying itself to the more to insert the actual figliuoli natural col smallpox. Diseases Gallici not ve I am of it. And when someone it was surprised of it, limiting itself to a leggiera venereal gonorrea, with the tipsy waters in copy if remove it.

The destitute Class shape it saying leaves of this population, and this and the first one to be attached. Of illness questo has seen clear in the illnesses that has ruling in quest'anno these year and that did a big massacre I press the lowest People. Massacre done not only be born from the badly rotten and contagious one of its nature, produced from the use, continued some broken granone of whom han have to feed itself, how much from the scarcity of means you greet some garden for the large misery and if the same illness did not exempt the houses. The occupation of to collect the parts is exercised with pain from women (midwives) imperite and stupid, and surgeon is called alone in the difficult parts, when the nature not soles from if to expel the fetus for do not natural its position, questo drawback is a prejudice that difficult itself sbarbica. The children in the first year and perhaps in the second nourish themselves of milk of the actual mothers nourish you are Them rare.

All questo is what i I was able distinguish, and to note of worthy relief of to to be submitted the aims of the Government of my Country. The reflections istesso I believe to have to be done for all of the other of the Neighborhood. The aforementioned Countries situated in the same climate, to have the istessa land for Mother to make use of same foods with reason I say of the other that istesso that of the mine I noted.

Luigi Cinelli



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