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This site intends to be a tiny lighthouse, just a beacon, in the gigantic ocean that we call the Internet for those people that, like me, love Morrone. This is a virtual lounge to which I invite my fellow countrymen and the entire Morronese diaspora

Morrone del Sannio, the history and images of yesterday and today.  Welcome to the first site ever on Morrone del Sannio.  In the following pages you will find information on the History of Morrone del Sannio,  have the opportunity to see photos--both old and new--of Morrone,  hear some samples of its traditional songs and even view its current forecast.  There are also links to other sites from Molise.



A village is needed, were it only for the sake of going away. A village means not to be alone, to know that in the people, in the trees, in the land something which is yours lives and expects you even when you are not there.

From The "La luna e i falò" of Cesare Pavese

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